01 Mar

What if the landscape had no words

This project is a surprisingly unsettling look at the relationship between words and the urban environment.  By blocking out text in urban environments, it nicely displays the power words have in shaping subject perspective, position, and interpretation. 

          Untitled Project

          is rooted in a base interest in the nature of power. With the removal
          of all traces of text from the photographs, the project explores the
          manifestation of power between large groups of people in the form of
          public and semi-public language. The absence of the printed word not
          only draws attention to the role text plays in the modern landscape
          but also simultaneously emphasizes alternative forms of communication
          such as symbols, colors, architecture and corporate branding. In doing
          this, it serves to point out the growing number of ways in which public
          voices communicate without using traditional forms of written language.

          The reintroduction of the text takes written language out of the context
          of its intended viewing environment. The composition of the layouts
          remain true to the composition of their corresponding photographs in
          order to draw attention to relative size, location and orientation.
          The isolation of the text from its original graphic design and accompanying
          logos, photographs and icons helps to further explore the nature of
          communication in the urban landscape as a combination of visual and
          literal signifiers.


Link here.

Also, see this other project by Steinbrener and Dempf where the block the signs from Times Square.  Talk about strange. 

Link here.

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