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  1. Hah, interesting… I’ve been considering this issue of free labour, crowdsourcing and corporate exploitation lately and have been trying to think of differing ways to frame and describe content creation and participation which benefits companies, yet which still supplies some benefit and fun to internet users. ‘Pick your own’ is an interesting analogy… Ironically my local ‘pick your own’ farm was in danger of going out of business this year due to new immigration law restrictions causing a shortage of minimum wage immigrant fruit pickers to pick the fruit that *wasn’t* being picked by customers.

    I enjoyed the Tribor Sholz article on the myths of Web 2.0 – I’m also a Web 2.0 skeptic despite the fact I still haven’t found a way to get around using the term!

    I attended a marketing seminar on e-tribes and online communities today and the whole time I had the words from Sholz’s article in my head.. that amusing phrase about how the ideology of web 2.0 was about “trying to manage the marriage of money and nonmoney without making nonmoney feel like a sucker”. There was a definite exploitative air to the marketing perspective on online interaction that jarred violently with my sociological one and strengthened my opinions on it.

    Nonetheless I’m still torn about it.

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