09 Aug

Preparing for Launch

The summer is nearing an end and we are actively trying to get Community PlanIt ready for launch.  While the goal is to get the game ready for a national launch, on September 9th, we will start a three-week game with the Boston Public Schools.  We will engage students, teachers, and administrators in the game with the goal of getting everyone involved in making decisions about the future of the district.

All the game content will be available in three languages – English, Spanish and Haitian Creole – and we’re hoping that the dynamics of the system will foster some dialogue between linguistic groups.  But this is still a big question mark.

There is a live action debriefing meeting scheduled for October 4th.  At this time, players and non-players alike will be invited to discuss the results of the Community PlanIt process.  We will look at how everyone spent their tokens and we will open up a community wide discussion about next steps.  This is a big experiment.  I fully expect that the dialogue will be civil, but as schools are an emotional topic for nearly every stakeholder, we are quite interested in seeing how the game system can accomodate emotional discord.

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