11 Jan

New iTunes Spyware

Doesn’t it seem as thought companies are getting more bold in their privacy invasion practices?  What we won’t give up for perceived convenience…

As noted at TUAW, iTunes 6.0.2 contains a new feature: the MiniStore. It’s neat, at first. Sort of.

But not really.

time you play a different song, the MiniStore features information
about the artist currently playing, as well as “Listeners Also Bought…”
Here’s a full size capture
of Apple marketing in action: as you can see, I’m playing Mary J. Blige
covering U2’s “One”, and the MiniStore shows other albums from Mary J.
Blige and U2.

Link: since1968.com: iTunes Update: Apple’s Looking Over Your Shoulder.

08 Jul

Donna Summer and Disco

I saw Donna Summer last night at the BofA Pavilion in Boston.  While Ms. Summer has managed to maintain a pretty steller voice, I was left wondering what her cultural relevance is in the age of American Idol.  Donna "the Diva" Summer holds some pretty substantial nostalgic significance.  I couldn’t help but wonder last night as I was grooving to "On the Radio," just how many "youth reliving" experiences I was interfering in.  It was if I could see the ghosts of the 70s swirling around the room.
    Now nostalgia isn’t a bad thing, but for some reason it seemed a little sad to me last night.  Like many of the people in the room had not lived since.  Like, these ghosts were like liberators, extracting the masses from the cage of age. 
    And to Ms. Summer, you seemed so desperate to be relevant again.   I almost chocked on your fishing line as it was cast extremely wide to catch compliments.  That said, you were lovely.  It must be hard to be a diva – so who can blame you for your insecurities.  And who can blame the audience for believing in you.

Link: The Donna Summer Tribute Site.