Urban Informatics

A special issue of Information, Communication and Society just hit the stands and it’s worth a mention here. Yeah, yeah, I have an article in it, but more importantly, it’s a fantastic collection of work on the topic of “Urban Informatics: Software, Cities, and the New Cartographies of Knowing Capitalism.” Here’s the table of contents: Mike Crang & Stephen Graham, “Sentient Cities: ambient intelligence and the politics of urban space”Rowland Atkinson & Paul Willis, “Charting the ludochrome: the mediation of urban and simulated space and the rise of the flaneur electronique”David Beer, “Tune out: music, soundscapes and the urban mise-en-scene”Michael Hardey, “The city in the age of Web 2.0: a new synergistic relationship between place and people”Eric Gordon, “Mapping digital networks: from cyberspace to Google”Simon Parker, Emma Uprchard & Roger Burrows, “Class places and place classes: geodemographics and the spatialization of class”Andy C. Pratt, Rosalind Gill & Volker Spelthann, “Work and the city in the e-society: a critical investigation of the sociospatially situated character of economic production in the digital content industries in the UK”Nicholas Pleace, “Workless people and the surveillant mashups: social policy and data sharing in…

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