City as Social Network

I recently posted this series of prompts to the iDC discussion list. Following Google’s acquisition of Feedburner, I want to consider how the threats to privacy that became apparent in that context extend to physical communities (neighborhood, organization, city) that are enabled/bolstered/fortified by social web media. Many community groups and neighborhood organizations are using digital networking technologies to foster community interaction ( And of course, what is widely known as citizen journalism plays into this as well “ placebloggers and Community Media organizations tend towards hyperlocal networked content ( with an aim towards reinforcing existing geographical connections. The processes that bind non-geographical communities in networks are similar to those that are binding geographical communities “ shared interests, practices, goals, etc.   However, unlike traditional online communities that have a basis in anonymity, digitally annotated physical communities often rely on the full disclosure of identity for their functionality.  For instance, when it comes to neighborhood issues “ it is important to know one™s real name and location. And as city governments are seeking ways to adopt web 2.0 technologies into their existing citizen management…

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