The following are examples of projects I have designed or co-designed with the Engagement Lab team. Each is an experiment in game-based participatory process and civic engagement. The rest of my projects can be seen on the Engagement Lab site.

In addition to specific game projects, I also run game design and civic media workshops in a myriad of contexts throughout the world, with humanitarian and development organizations, as well as governments. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Community PlanIt (2011-2014)

Community PlanIt is a playful and dynamic way to give input to city officials for long-range strategic planning, while rallying around awards for local causes, connecting with others in your community, and gaining a sense of empowerment in the process of active civic engagement.

Civic Seed (2013-14)

Civic Seed is a multi-player RPG that harnesses the power of online social play to teach and certify students to civically engage with partner communities. Students must think creatively, self-reflect, and collect resources to complete the game and create their sharable civic resume.

Street Cred (2014) 

StreetCred connects your civic actions to ongoing campaigns so the community can achieve big goals together. Designed in partnership with the City of Boston, StreetCred is a game-based civic badging API that is meant to expand the types of civic actions people take using existing tools like Citizens Connect or Foursquare.